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From the dream to the reality...

. It is difficult imagine a restaurant, in a Italian big city,
with a view more striking than this.

Difficult person imagines glass doors that
make greater honour, with greater
generosity and amplitude, to the sight
that literal invaded the local.

Being on the front of the port, in head to the Ponte Morosini, one of the mole longs that they are stretched toward the centre of the ancient reorganized wet dock.

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yacht, catamarans, barges and small motorboats...

... there surrounds with a mast wood, of lateen yard, of twittering small flag; to the left they are lengthened on the the waters the stocks of the cotton, the aquarium, the Jolly Hotel; to turn right the grain silo, the ocean terminal, till the promontory of San Benigno, cut from the "matitone" -the skyscraper of Sampierdarena-and above all closed from the lighthouse, that in the complete loop from the harbour handle, end with the be exactly in the face of us, a kilometre pair as the crow flies.

its/his/her little darts of light there will hit for the whole period of the dinner, over the movement of the ferry and of the big ships from cruise that weigh anchor, they moor, they wait for in roadstead, while we raise and we lower alight.

It is on ships as this that Toto have matured a precious experience chef. Ships that they are called Michelangelo, Raphael, Giulio Cesare: where reigned a high-class international galley, for passing wealthy and exacting.

Arista to say only of the smart furnishing, with motile and teak parquet, depicted bench from Carminati, two built-in wardrobes of the '600, working fireplace: we deign and it was not easy of the priceless sight, a environment of big elegance, a galley that detects already a Sicura.

È hand the visiting card of Toto, the local that proof to climb the hit parade of the small town restoration. to activate the bet is the Antonio Fratea Calabrian. What twenty years ago, when he opened its first local to the shade of the lighthouse, it passed nearly unobserved.

Ristorante da Toto al Porto Antico
Molo Ponte Morosini Sud, 19/20, 16126 Genova, Italia

Tel 010 2543879
Fax 010 2517581
Mobil phone 349 2177121
Email: info@ristorantedatoto.it

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